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Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Comprehensive Social media marketing
With over 400,000 unique blog posts written since 2009, we can provide the content needed to drive online traffic for your business. Our team of experts provide the content, design, management, & marketing needed to build your business across the social web All of the digital Marketing services necessary for online small business success.
Search engine optimized blog content Full service social media management Fully optimized blog design and build
Branded, unique social media content Branded social media profile design Custom content for your blog & website
High quality branded ebooks Turnkey social media promotions Branded social media profile design
Content marketing analytics dashboard Social media analytics dashboard Unique social media marketing content
*Custom content also available a la carte *Social content available a la carte Online reputation monitoring & business directory tools
Starting at $279/Month* Starting at $400/Month* Lead generation capture services & tools
Order Now Order Now Internet marketing analytics dashboard
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Frequently Asked Questions


How can you write for my business?

During the launch phase, your dedicated team will spend quite a bit of time getting to know you and your business. We'll work with you to develop an in-depth content strategy and persona developed. As we develop our relationship with you, we will monitor the results of your content and your business to refine and modify to insure a successful content program. As we like to say, "you're growing a garden of content". Your content and content plan will always be nurtured, grown, and fulfilled by our content produce inspection department (CPID). We believe that online content marketing is a dynamic space and should be reshaped and refined to keep your company fresh and relevant in the online arena.


How long does it take to setup my account?

An account is typically set up and launched with 30 calendar days. During this launch time, our team is busy building your digital assets and learning about your business. Once we have our official launch, your dedicated team will continuously work producing engaging online content to expand your digital footprint and connect you with your target audience and prospects.



When can I expect results?

We consider content marketing to be a marathon, not a sprint. Overnight results don't necessarily translate to ongoing, engaged audiences. A successful program delivers you engaged content found through search, leads generated from your blog and social media content, your business listings updated in all the major and minor online directories and your business phone ringing as soon as 2 – 4 months. Once your online reached is maximized and consistently refreshed, the results will grow more rapidly.


How often will I hear from my Account Manager?

Once your program has launched you should expect to hear from your Account manager on a monthly basis. Whether that contact is by email or phone is entirely up to you!



What is my involvement with the program?

In the beginning of the program your involvement is critical. It's important for your DigitalSherpa team to know your business and understand how you want to be presented online. Over time that involvement will decrease as you will have a working extension of yourself creating content that mirrors your digital marketing goals.


Always Here to Answer Your Questions

DigitalSherpa offers client-focused services, and we're always available to answer all your questions.